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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The newest inmates!

A few weeks ago Kevin came home with four duck eggs. We already had some quail egg incubating so we put the duck eggs in too, to see what would happen.

After a couple of weeks they started to crack. I could hardly contain my excitment, this was a first for me. I spent all night getting up every 10 minutes to check on their progress. I'd remembered some where that iI'd heard that the first person they saw, they thought was 'mum' and I was determined it would be me!

It paid off and shortly after the quail had hatched along came the first duck!

It was amazing to see new life enter this world. I called her Nina, after Nina Simones 'its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life! For me and im feeling good!

Over the next two day we watched the other three hatch.and pretty soon they were looking like little ducklings.


When they came out of the incubator they went under a heated lamp on the dining table of all places! ( the things you have to do) every morning we came down they had nearly doubled in size. They were soon getting too big for their box so we put them in the sink for a swim, then on the floor for a run around.   Nina is at the front!

Another few days and it was time for them to go in the aviary.

With their own private pool and two story villa this must be the best duck home ever? Nina posing again! 

Very soon they became boss of the aviary and unfortunately killed the baby quail. Kevin was gutted and ready to make roast duck, duck a la orange and peking duck for two. I kind of turned it round to him thinking it was his fault for putting the quail out too soon. ( im kind of good at that hehe) and he has eventually forgiven them.

As they will eventually live on our pond, goodness knows how Sprout and Tilly will stop themselves from chasing them but we will see, anyway we decided to try them on the pond.
With the dogs safely locked in doors, in they went!

They loved it!
Ducking ( excuse the pun) and diving everywhere!  

This is where we are up to with them. Stay tuned for more duck tales!

Thanks for reading.

Lisa xx

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