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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blogging weekend part 3 Brit Mums Live!

So now for the reason we came to London. Brit Mums Live 2014.
I had no idea what to expect at all so I kept a very open mind.
The hotel we stayed in was only about a five minute walk from the venue ' The Brewery' and I took great delight in soaking in the wonderful buildings, people, and park areas.
Coming from a very rural area, open countryside a thirty second walk away, it came to me that the only 'green' areas were these park areas. I tried to walk a bit slower past these to envelop them more.
 I do love trees and couldnt ever stand to live somewhere with none, so when I came across a fantastic old tree, it must have been hundreds of years old, I couldnt resist giving it a hug. Much to Sarahs embarrassment! 

What changes has that tree known over the decades. I wonder.

Soon we were at the Brewery and greeted by a lovely man in a suit and bowler hat, very Londony I thought.
We signed in and recieved our badges and programmes and the day began.

Lots of lovely trades stands offering a variety of different things from holidays abroad to Ovens from juicers to wine. 
Tea, coffee, water, wine,  pastries, cake, muffins were on offer ...thats my diet gone this weekend... All FREE yes free amazing, I totally expected to be paying over the odds for a limp packaged sandwich but no even in the fantastic Morrisons room they tempted your tastebuds with mouthwatering delights. Garlic bread, meat pies, samosas, chorizo nibbles, tarts, cake,  biscuits and pineapple slices. Of course myself and Sarah kept to the pineapples and must have eaten three each over the two days.

The first keynote speech was by Emma Freud and she was very motivational and inspiring. She talked about her charity work and gave tips on how to get what you want. I will be trying some of those...

The programme catered everyones tastes whether you were a new blogger or managed to blog for your living. Everyone was friendly and chatty and the whole building was filled with a positivity I havent felt in a long while, too long really. 

We went to every possible presentation and talk possible and learned lots of things about blogging. 

Next was wine and canapes in the courtyard. 
They had even dressed it up for the occassion .

Here's Sarah looking less stressed than I have seen her in a long while.

Besides the talks there was lots of sillyness to be had in the form of having your photos taken to win a competition. 
I think myself and Sarah stand a good chance with this one.

Along with the laughs from some very comical bloggers, there was plenty of tears listining to the heart breaking stories from other bloggers about the things that they had gone through. I don't think I have laughed then cried, laughed then cried so much in one weekend.

To sum up Brits Mums Live.

Well worth the money.
Extremely well organised...Thats mums for you!
Venue perfect.
People the height of positivity.
Food amazing.
Presentations very informative

Can't wait for next year!

Did you go? What did you think? 

Please leave a comment.

Lisa xx

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