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Friday, 20 June 2014

Blogging weekend part one!

Getting to Manchester.
Up early all excited to go to Brit Mums Live in London with my friend and fellow blogger, Sarah.
Kevin dropped me off at her house and we set off to Manchester. 
Neither myself or Sarah are good driving in city centres and just as Sarah told me how good I was at navigating I took her to what I thought as the station car park but no it was the wrong way up a one way street! 
Well I didn't see the no entry sign but the police van behind us did. Still not realising I got out of the car to ask the nice policeman which way to the station car park? Then spent the next few minutes apologising and pleading with him not to give me a ticket. 
Phew he let us off with a warning and we finally managed to get on the train. 

Next stop London! 

Lisa xx

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