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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blogging weekend Part 4 London! The final chapter.

I was thinking of the times I've been to London in my life.
The first time I was 14 at school and we had a trip to the Natural History museum. On a coach, off a coach, Museum, on a coach off a coach. Didnt see much of London really.
The second time was then I was student at college age 16  We went for the weekend to a hair conference. Yes we did get some free time, I vaguely remember Soho and Harrods but that was it.
The third time was to see a show, another on coach off coach experience.
The fourth time was with college again but as a teacher going to the same conference. But didnt get any free time as we had students that year that needed watching!

Fifth time lucky! And with a very competent chaperone.

After the first day of Brit Mums Live was over myself and Sarah went back to the hotel to freshen up then we went to Piccolinos off Regent Street. How beautiful was Regent Street. I stared and stared at the sweeping buildings while Sarah, who visits London often, laughed at my amazement.

Sarah is in the corner of the photo thinking 'what is she doing? '

Next stop. Piccolinos!

I love when you can see the chefs cooking!

The starters. Sooo tasty!

Sirlion steak and house chips with a tomato salad. The steak melted like butter in my mouth.

After the meal Sarah took me on a whistle stop tour round London.

Covent Garden
I felt like Eliza Doolittle and very nearly burst into song but I thhink would have killed me. I was so excited to see the areas where some of my favourite childhood films had been made. And i'd do anything ( get it) to have spent some more time there.

We stopped of at Sarahs favourite London pub 'the Punch and Judy. 

I really enjoyed it there, sat outside taking it all in. We chatted for ages and really got to know each other as more than work friends. I will not forget that night for a long time.

Last stop was Leicester Square. Its actually a square! Sarah was in stitches at this. But Piccadilly circus isn't a circus is it? 

As a child my favourite board game was monopoly and this weekend I have done the yellow and green properites. I had no idea they were near to each other in real life. You can tell I dont get out of Lancashire very much...

As the evening ended, we got a taxi back to the hotel. We chatted to a real cockney taxi driver who loved telling us the famous people he had, had in the back of his taxi.
Noel Gallager, Allan Sugar, Keith Richards to name a few. I rubbed my bottom on the seat as if to rub off some of the DNA, I just wanted to soak it all in like a sponge.

Back at the hotel we had a nightcap then chatted for ages in our beds about the weekend until eventually falling asleep.

I not only had a fabulous time at Brit Mums live but I loved seeing the sights of London just as much.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Sarah for making the weekend so special and putting up with my ooooo's and ahhhh's, tree hugging teaching me escalator equitique and for generally being my carer haha. The weekend wouldnt have been the same without you xx


  1. Thankyou Lisa it also would not have been the same without you x