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Sunday, 8 June 2014

My pride and Joy

Im sure that everyones children are their pride and joy, not all of the time im sure, as they all have their moments don't they.

But as this blog is about my mad house, these are two more 'inmates'


Georgia is 19 and currently finishing her Foundation Degree in Art.
She wants to be a travel photographer and has got a part time job and saved up for three trips abroad this year. Mexico, Spain and then the big one.. Back packing round India with a group of photographers.
The mother in me is terrified of her going but know...hoping that I have brought her up to be mature and sensible I am so proud of her for doing it.
We waited eight year for her to 'come along' and my! Has she been worth the wait. 
( she will kill me for this photo hehe)

Then we have Ellis

Ellis is 15.
There isn't many recent photos of Ellis without his guitar in front of him.
He was the surprise we never thought would be and he his never failed to surprise me every day since.
He was always a very clingy child until the age of 10 when we bought him his first guitar.
Since then, that is all he clings too!

I do have to say he plays blooming well and is showing a very promising music career. Gigging solo, duo and in his band The Changelings. I really dont know how he does it. I am now known as Ellis's mum aka the taxi, to all his gigs. One day he may repay me with a small cottage and large plot of land.

Watch this space...hopefully....

Thanks for reading

Lisa x

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