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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


In 15 days ( yes she is on countdown) my dear Georgia and her boyfriend Josh are going on their first holiday together to Mexico.
For Josh it will be his first time abroad! For Georgia her second time to Mexico. We all went as a family last year and had a lovely time.
We stayed in the Grand Palladium Collonial hotels. 
It was set in the middle of a rainforest and consisted of walkways through the rain forest to villas, pools and restaurants. 

On these walkways we came across all kinds of wildlife! And to this day I still dont know what this is.

And these little cuties were the entertainment while you sunbathed.
A beautiful hotel with lots of activities to do.

I lost three and a half stones before we went and because of this I determined to put all my fears to one side and do EVERYTHING .... And I did.

Being terrifed of deep and dark water I snorkelled in an underground cave. This look says it all!

But I survived..just!

Next the fear of heights. Zip wiring!

This one was a low one. AHHHHH 

I survived! Just!

Next absailing down a cenote!

That smile was me gritting my teeth really! 
 But I survived and what a view up!

Next! Swimming with whale sharks and giant sting rays!
Haha no way 
I know my limits! But Kevin and Ellis did it!

While me and Georgia did this!

I had you fooled then for a minute!

So it was no wonder that Georgia wanted to go back she had such a good time.
Here she is at Chichen Itza

While I wish her a fabulous time, I do wish she wasn't going so far away for her first time away. I just hope her and Josh stay safe and arrive home in one piece. 

Happy holidays Georgia! 

Thank you for reading 
Lisa xx