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Sunday, 15 June 2014

More about Ellis aka 'the boy'

When Ellis was 8 he asked me for a guitar for christmas, thinking it would be a passing phase and the fact that he was into gameboy games and had asked for some of those too, I didnt get him a real one we got him a toy one. It seemed to do the trick.

When Ellis was 9 he asked for a guitar for christmas, thinking it would be a passing phase ( he didnt seem bothered that he didnt get one last christmas) he got other things on his list including guitar hero, us thinking this will probably do the trick.

When Ellis was 10 he asked for a guitar for christmas, thinking, ok this is the third year running it may not be such  a passing phase.

We bought him an electric guitar, a small amp,a strap, a plec and it all came with one free guitar lesson.

Little did we know how our lives would change...
We had such a bad winter that year that it was February before we could get to the free lesson. I remember Ellis being so excited. He loved it, came home and that was it!
Every living moment was spent practising the chords, so much so what should have been taking him 8 weeks to learn, he was learning in half an hour, his teacher Harvey couldn't keep up with him.

After nine months and a temporary new teacher Phil ( his first one went to uni and asked his friend to teach Ellis as he didnt want to lose him) asked Ellis if he wanted to play a song on the Colne Blues Festival. Ellis was thrilled and practised until I couldn't stand to hear the song anymore.

He went down a storm! And got quite a few admirers along the way..

With the band. The Revenues

With his proud teachers 
Harvey and Phil and Joss the singer in the band

With the determination on Ellis's part, the wonderful people we have met along the way and my excellent taxiing services, he has gone from strength to strength. With an odd new guitar along the way 

Here he was copying the toy guitar photo above haha!

Birthday present!

He now sings and plays, alone.

What a dude!

As a duo

With other bands as a guest

And with his band The Changelings! And is still in contact with Joss who guest starred here with his harmonica!

He is still as keen as he was on the first day he got one and this is a regualr position to find him in

Im hoping one day he will make his millions, all you can do is try.

Thank you for reading leave a comment, I love replying.

Lisa xx

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