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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Celebrate good times

To celebrate our anniversary, last night we went to the Green Chimney in Colne.
Its a quirky little place with relaxed atmosphere and the food is great!
Our friends were playing tonight too which was an added bonus.

They are an acoustic duo called marvellous Marv
Their names are Matt (ma) and Harvey ( RV)  

They play everything from Kings of Leon to Paulo Nutini, Culture club to Bob Marley.

The food was great, always served with a difference

Here is the Pendle Chimney burger yum yum!

Ellis, who hadn't eaten all day looked at the menu through his belly not his eyes and ordered the biggest thing on the menu.
The chimney Challenge!!

Needless to say he didn't finish it but at the Green Chimney, thats not a problem. They bag it up for to take home so it didnt get wasted.

Our good friends Brenda and Clare turned up too and a good night was had, eating, drinking, great music and generally being merry! 

Hope you had a good evening too.

Lisa xx

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