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Friday, 6 June 2014

Meet the family

Well some of them to start with.
Meet Sprout and Tilly!

Sprout is our two year old 'Brussell' ( border terrier x jack russell) hense the name Sprout! I am not really sure where the Jack Russell in him is apart from his bark but he is a superb dog in everyway. 

Tilly on te other hand is a sixteen week old border terrier pup nicknamed, piranha dog, nosey nora, and Tilly trot pot! What a character she is turning out to be. As you can probably tell from her face she is full of mischief! But we love her to bits and her and Sprout have settled in well together.

Another four legged member of our mad house is Lucy.

Lucy was a rescue cat, rescued from a house with over 200 cats in it. It took her two years before she would come near us and another two years before she would sit on our knees. She will always be part feral but a beautiful cat you must admit. 
More madhousees on the next blog!
Thanks for your interest.
Lisa x

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