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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yes I can Dukan.

Since I can remember I've been a yoyo dieter. Lose a stone, put a stone plus on. Repeat repeat repeat. 
I have tried, weightwatchers, slimming world, atkins, cambridge, 2/5, slim fast, you are what you eat, cabbage diet, heart foundation diet, calorie counting. 
 Crickey thats a lot and I bet there still more. But ive never stuck to anything really. 

A few of years ago my weight rocketed to an all time great, I wasnt happy and I do tend to comfort eat. That and I'd given up smoking, so instead a cigarette I ate chocolate!
I looked through the mirror and didn't like or know the person staring back at me.
I tried to stay my usual bubbly self but working in an area where your surrounded by mirrors, inside I was distraught. I had also, after an illness, developed Asthma and was on quite a hefty dose of inhalers to keep it at bay. All round, things weren't good.

One day I was in TK Max looking at hang bags, ( clothes held no interest to me) and I wandered over to the clearance section. It was there I saw the book that changed me. It was 99p. It was the Dukan Diet. Another diet book I thought but it's only 99p I will have a look.

It was near christmas and over the christmas holidays I started to read it. Something inside clicked and I knew where I'd been going wrong all these years. 

The first week in January I bought in everything I needed to start. This mainly consisted of meat, eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese! And I began....

By the first week in June I had lost 3.7 stones, went from a size 20 to a 12. Was completely off any Asthma medication, looked and felt so much better. 

The only draw back my hubby says is I can't stop buying clothes now.

So why this blog post?

Well,  its been over a year and I have only put back on 10 lbs, which is amazing for me. My clothes still fit but they are a bit snugger than they were, so I thought I would go back to the first stage of the diet again to kick start me off. This time with only 10lbs to lose!

Although I have still been following it ( not religiously ) for over a year, I know what I can and cant eat, but the monthly sweet temptation gets too much. 
I knew this would be my downfall to my kickstart so I started on the hunt for new attack stage dessert recipes.

It was then I came across my new life savers. dukan egg custards! 
Im not much of a cook but I had to give these a try. 

You can see them tomorrow!

Lisa xx

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