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Friday, 11 July 2014


We had 8 quail eggs to hatch all nicely warming in the incubator. When the day of hatching came round 5 didnt hatch.  But three were starting to hatch. Unfortunately one died trying and one died overnight.

But not the now the aptly named Champ!
He is a surviver!

But he ( it could be a she) is lonely. 
Sat under his heated lamp chirping away making me feel really upset for the little thing.
So I got him out and put him on my knee. Tilly was curious. 

Then she started to nuzzle up to it and after 20 minutes of him crawling all over her. 
They fell alsleep....

 Im not sure shes really a terrier! It just goes to show that mums have a natural instinct to look after babies.

Lisa xx