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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Apron strings

I wrote a couple of weeks ago when Georgia was leaving for Mexico on her first holiday without me, that my apron strings were being well and truly cut! She was no longer my baby to look after and care for.. Although I always will... She is a young woman making her own decisions, her own future, her own life. For that I am proud, I must have done a good job. 
After all I still have Ellis to 'mother' 
Until today....
Ellis was going on a three day school trip. One of these outdoor activity centres. He had brought a list home from school with everything needed one it and I had said we will pack after tea.

After tea came and I was busy with household things. I remember about packing his case and went in the living room to tell Ellis to go and get some clothes out while I just finish off. But he wasnt there?
I shouted upstairs with no reply. 'He's got his ear phones in and he is playing on his xbox' I thought.
I ran upstairs and into his room, ready to be annoyed at him, when I stopped in my tracks!

He wasn't on his xbox, but he did have ear phones in, he had already half packed the case, which he had chosen and got down from the loft his self. Put all the clothes, shoes and toiletries into piles on his bed and was busy packing it all. 
It was then I heard it..... Another apron string snipped!
'What are you doing' I said.
'Packing' was he reply. ' do you not need my help?' I said almost desperately. ' no mum i've watched you pack enough times I can do it myself. So I sloped off and left him to it.
After he had finished I asked if he had remembered this and that. And yes he had remembered it all.

Proud and heartbroken I congratulated him on a job very well done and he grinned and gave me a big hug. ' I still need you mum I always will' I think he read my mind.
'Have you got any headache pills? You know you always get headaches' ' oh no I haven't'  he said. 
I grinned and got some out for him.....

Lisa xx


  1. Ah bless, so grown up. Great job x

  2. Thanks Sarah, its been very hard these last few weeks. Im feeling rather redundant as a mum but proud at the same time x